What to Expect

What is involved in a massage?


Initially you will be taken through a confidential consultation process, this allows me to establish your current state of health and if there are any reasons (or contraindications) that would prevent or limit the massage treatment, for example allergies or any current medication. You may also be asked to perform a range of movement assessment to evaluate your areas of concern.


Upon completion I will leave the room and you will be asked to undress to a level that you are comfortable with, but usually down to your underwear, and to lie face down on the table. I will then cover you with towels only exposing the area to be worked on and apply some oil to that area. The massage you have chosen will then be carried out to a pressure level that you are comfortable with.

If you have chosen a Seated Acupressure massage  your clothes will remain on and you will be instructed on the correct way to sit on the ergonomically designed chair. This can then be adjusted for your comfort. The massage will then be carried out for your selected length of time. 

Please be assured that this is your massage and you can dictate the level of pressure and call a halt to a particular movement or the whole session whenever you wish or if you feel uncomfortable. Also if the room temperature, choice of music, position on the table etc are not to your liking please feel free to let me know. I want you have the most enjoyable and relaxing session possible.

Once the session has been completed, I will leave the room again and give you some time to enjoy the feeling of relaxation. When ready please slowly rise from your lying position and allow yourself to get your bearings as you may feel disorientated, then get dressed.

After care and advice -

Most people feel very relaxed after a massage session. However you may also feel a little sluggish for a time and experience a slight headache. This will pass and you may experience more energy, be more productive and more aware for several days after. If this your first massage, or first for a while, or you have opted for deeper pressure you may be slightly sore or experience a post workout stiffness feeling the following day. A warm bath may help to ease this. A massage can cause some dehydration so you will be offered water, and also advised to drink more, following the massage.

You may also be given advice and stretches to help alleviate a specific problem so we can work together to lessen its impact on your everyday life.

What to expect during an Ear Candling session -

A brief consultation will be carried out, to establish if ear candling is the right therapy for you. After which, you will be placed in a comfortable side lying position on the massage table. A small covering will be placed over your head and shoulders for additional safety. The specialised candle will then be gently placed into your ear canal through a protective disc and lit. The candle can take between 8 and 14 minutes to burn through, depending on the make and the surrounding environment. Once the candle has burned down it will be removed and extinguished and the process is then repeated in the other ear. A cotton bud may be used to remove any residue near to the opening of the ear.


As the candle burns you may experience a crackling/popping sound similar to an open fire and also feel the warmth from the flame, this can take you into a very relaxed state.


Once both ears have been treated, you will either receive a draining face, ears, head and neck massage.

What to expect during a Hot Stones massage -

Before the massage takes place the stones will be heated to a temperature between 110°F to 140°F (43°C to 60°C). Once you are on the massage table, starting in a face down position, several stones will be placed on the towels over your body so the heat can penetrate these areas while I carry out the massage elsewhere. Swedish massage techniques will be used to warm up the area to be worked on, as well as spreading the oil. I will warm my hands with the hot stones and apply several strokes before introducing the stones, this will prepare your skin for the heat and also ensure the stones are at the correct working temperature.


When face up, and if requested, a Chakra balancing routine will be performed by placing the hot stones on the seven chakras along with semi-precious stones matching the colours of the Chakra and Aura. The vibrations given off by the stones help to channel positive energy to the Chakras giving a balancing effect. The massage will end with a Chakra scarf being placed over you while you take a moment to relax.


Pressure and stone heat can be adapted to suit your personal needs so please speak up if either makes you uncomfortable.


Various techniques will be used to help relax muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands. Also covered will be the feet, legs, abdominal area and a relaxing face and head massage is included.

What to expect during a Pregnancy massage -


The massage will be carried out on my massage table in a side lying position. I will use pillow/towels to support mum during the massage to help her to feel comfortable and relaxed. More towels will be used to keep mum well covered throughout the session, keeping her warm and feeling secure. Pressure will be adapted to suit personal needs.

Various techniques will be used to help relax muscles in the back, neck and shoulders, arms and hands. Also covered will be the feet, legs, abdominal area and each session will end with a relaxing face and head massage.


There are specific acupressure points in the shoulder, around the foot and ankle, and on the hand,

where deep pressure will be avoided. Also no pressure will be applied to the inside of the thigh due to increased blood flow in the body and the restrictions in this area caused by the baby.


There are also medical conditions which require extra care during the pregnancy and it may be that permission from your health care provider will be sought before carrying out the massage.

What to expect during a Sports or Remedial massage -


Before the massage begins I will go through a basic consultation to ensure it is safe to proceed. I will then carry out a general exam to spot any areas of imbalance and, if required, a more specific exam to establish range of movement within a particular muscle group or joint. As more robust techniques may be used I will also carry out some safety checks before any massage is applied.


Once we have discussed your problem areas I will then carry out a routine catering to your needs using a mixture of Swedish, Sports and Remedial techniques depending on your condition.


As there is more investigative work to carry out during a Sports or Remedial massage your first session may last up to 1 and 1/2 hours, however this time should shorten if you continue with treatment and the injury improves. You may feel more comfortable bringing along a pair of loose fitting shorts to change into for the massage.

What to expect during an Indian Head massage -

The massage will be carried out in a seated position, with or without the use of oils. If you choose without oils then you may remain fully clothed. If you would prefer to have the massage carried out with oils then please wear or bring along a suitable top with straps that can be slid off the shoulders during the session. Alternatively you can remove all clothing, bra's can remain on, and a towel will be provided for warmth and modesty. 

The massage will then be carried out with pressure being adapted to your personal preference. 

Various techniques will be used to relax the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face. Acupressure points will also be stimulated during the massage to help clear any blockages in your energy flow and encourage a balancing effect in the body. 

Please note that part of the massage occurs on the scalp so your hair may be disturbed and left with an oil residue. It would be advisable not to have kirby grips, hair extensions etc in place for the massage. Also, if possible, please bring along a butterfly clip or band to put up long hair for the neck and back section.

What to expect during an Indian Face massage -

The massage will be carried out on my table in a face up position. I will be working on your face primarily, so you can keep your clothing on, although I would advise that you wear loose clothing for your own comfort and low around the neck in case of any oil transference. I would also ask that you arrive with no make up on and male clients are clean shaven. You may wish to take a before and after photo.

What to expect during a Thai Hand And Foot massage -

The massage will be carried out on my table in a face up position. I will be working on your feet and lower legs so please wear suitable loose clothing that can be rolled up to above the knees. Initially I will move your hips through some stretches to open up this area. I will then begin to massage your lower legs and feet to warm up the areas and clear any blockages by applying pressure to the Sen lines. I will then introduce the massage stick to work the reflex points of the feet to help clear any energy blockages giving a whole body experience. The massage will continue with more work on the feet and lower legs which will include some stretching and manipulations, for example ankle rotations. Once complete I will then move on to the hands and perform a similar routine of massage and reflex point stimulation with the massage stick.


Please note that this will be an invigorating as well as a relaxing massage . It is not meant to be a soothing or soft massage, it is intended to be firm, refreshing and revitalising. With this in mind each technique will start gently and pressure will increase with repetitions of the technique.