Price List
Current standard massage prices are as follows :
30 minutes                                                        £30
45 minutes                                                        £40
60 minutes                                                        £45
75 minutes                                                        £50
90 minutes                                                        £55
Individual Swedish Sessions -
20 minutes -                                                     £17.50
Sessions can focus on specific areas of concern
i.e. legs, arms and hands, feet, lower back and glutes, upper back neck and shoulders
Shorter Sessions -
10-15 minutes -                                              £12.50
Choose from -
Seated back, neck and shoulders (with oil), abdominal or a face and head massage
Combination Offer -                                      £30
These sessions can be combined with the Individual Sessions above to create your own 1/2 combination massage.

Please note that travel expenses are included in the listed prices however, if the distance to your home is greater than 5 miles from Bearsden, then an extra charge of 50p per mile will be levied to cover the additional mileage.

Should you need to cancel or amend an appointment, please call 24 hours before your session is due to begin. If cancellations are not received 24 hours before your appointment, you may be billed for 50% of the cost of the session.

Hot Stones Massage
30 minutes -                                                     £40
Back, neck and shoulders
45 minutes -                                                     £45
Back, neck, shoulders, and face 
60 minutes -                                                     £50
Back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet, arms and hands, and face
75 minutes -                                                     £55
Back, neck, shoulders, legs and feet, arms and hands, stomach and face
Ear Candling
30-40 minutes -                                              £27
Ear candling in both ears followed by a relaxing sinus draining massage to the face, neck and head
Indian Head Massage
45 minutes -                                                    £38
Thai Hand And Foot Massage
60 minutes -                                                    £45
Seated Acupressure (or On-Site) Massage
10 minute - Taster session                          £8
15 minutes -                                                    £12.50
20 minutes -                                                    £15
30 minutes                                                       £22.50

Available for functions, workplace settings, and personal sessions. See the Seated Acupressure Massage page for details of workplace setting rates.