Pregnancy Massage

A Pregnancy massage can be a wonderful relaxing experience for both mother and unborn baby. As well as relieving aches and pains, it also gives mum a chance to relax, connect with her growing baby and prepare for the birth.


During pregnancy the body goes through enormous changes both physically and hormonally, which can have a huge emotional effect on mum to be. The body releases the hormone Relaxin to allow ligaments to loosen off in the pelvic area in preparation of the birth. This, along with an increasing 'bump' can cause mum to suffer aches in the low back and hip areas.


Massage can be carried out safely during the pregnancy, however most therapists advise waiting until after the first trimester has passed (12 weeks) before arranging your massage.


There are no restrictions before birth however as massage can be given up to the commencement of labour, and if you have a loving partner hopefully carried throughout labour until birth!

Please see What to expect and Benefits of massage for more information.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy -


  • Releases tension in the muscles - caused by changes in posture, and the hormonal release of Relaxin. Low back and hip discomfort can be eased with massage.

  • Stress relief - massage encourages the release of endorphins, which are also passed on to baby, helping with anxiety and creating a feel good factor. 

  • Oedema- massage can help with lymphatic drainage and reduce swelling in the hands and feet. This can help relieve the symptoms of carpal and tarsal tunnel. 

  • Relief from constipation - caused by the weight of baby pressing on the intestines. 

  • Poor sleep - helps with relaxation so can lead to a deeper, more peaceful sleep. 

  • Compression - massage can relieve compression on nerves by relaxing the surrounding muscles and reducing oedema. 

  • Encourages deeper breathing - by massaging and stretching the area around the ribs. 

  • Massage can also help with headaches, stretch marks, leg cramps, morning sickness, circulation and avoiding varicose veins.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns over the suitability of having a Pregnancy massage. 

Things to consider - would be any history of bleeding/miscarriage, high or unstable blood pressure, pitted oedema, and abdominal pains.