Head Massage
Indian Face Massage 

+++++Please note that I am as yet unable to offer this therapy during the current Covid pandemic as it would require you to remove your mask. This page is for information only and I will update this and my Prices page, once we have been given the all clear to work mask free.+++++


Indian Face massage otherwise know as Face Rejuvenation or a Natural Face lift, has been brought from India and is based on the Ayurvedic principals. It has been developed as a therapy by Kundan Mehta, whose husband Narendra also brought Indian Head massage to the West. 

Our face can reflect the strains that we all feel living in this modern stress filled world. That furrowed brow or pursed lips can take it's toll on the underlying muscles causing adhesions to build up and deep lines to form. Wearing our emotions on our face can cause our muscles to constrict and tighten over time, especially around the jaw, neck and shoulders, leading to tension and discomfort. These emotions and thoughts can become habitual, locking themselves into our expressions without us even realising it.


The facial routine uses small and focused repetitive finger movements to work every area, 'ironing' the skin by breaking any connective tissue adhesions, relieving and toning the muscles. The routine uses acupressure points which can help unblock any stuck energy flow. It can also encourage lymphatic drainage and blood flow to the area, helping the body to heal itself. 

This can lead to better skin tone around the jaw line and cheeks, a smoother appearance around the lips and eyes, and leave you with plumped up and glowing skin giving you a more youthful appearance. The session can also leave you feeling very relaxed and lead to a better sleep. 

As these deep lines have taken many years to form it may take some time to have a deeper effect on the underlying muscle structure and retrain your expressions. The benefits are cumulative so a block of 6 sessions, ideally once a week, can have a longer lasting effect, continuing with regular follow ups to maintain the results. The massage can also be enjoyed as one off for relaxation or a special occasion. 

This is a non-invasive therapy, using minimum oil, if even required. There is no specialised equipment and can provide an alternative to surgical or chemical options. 

The client is encouraged to take a before and after picture to monitor the results.

Please see What to expect  and Benefits of massage for more information.

Benefits of an Indian Face Massage may include -​​​​

  • Lessons wrinkles and habitual expression lines.

  • Promotes blood flow enhancing the supply of nutrients to skin cells stimulating cellular activity and skin rejuvenation.

  • Aids lymphatic drainage reducing puffiness.

  • By relieving stress and promoting relaxation you may find that your sleep pattern improves, and headaches and eye strain reduces. 

  • Tones and firms facial muscles; tightens facial contours and increases elasticity.

  • Reduces muscle tension and improves the suppleness of the skin.

  • The body's energy flow may be re-balanced as stagnant energy is released.

  • Stimulates the nervous system.

  • Maintains a fresh, glowing, more youthful appearance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns over the suitability of having an Indian Face massage. 

Things to consider -  a recent head injury, scalp infections/lice, open cuts or facial wounds, deep bruising, Botox treatments in the previous three weeks, eczema, rashes or infections, cold sores, skin cancer.