Hot Stones Massage

The use of Hot Stones as a healing medium has been around for thousands of years but has only recently been re-introduced. Mary Nelson developed her LaStone Therapy back in 1993, using both hot and cold stones to provide a complete and detoxifying massage. She also balanced the client's energy channels by placing stones along the seven Chakra locations of the body. The idea was quickly seized upon and has since been developed into a more generic Hot Stones massage.

The stones I have chosen to use are naturally occurring basalt rock. Basalt is a volcanic rock that contains healing elements like oxygen and magnesium. It is also rich in iron and silica which allows it to retain heat very well. These stones have been naturally smoothed and shaped by the forces of the sea and are found along the coastal areas of Peru. Peruvian basalt is considered the most superior in the world because it has the highest mineral content and retains heat the best.

For the stones to be truly effective they should come from an area with high energy and low pollution, like Peru. On a holistic level the stones are said to offer strength, self-control and positive energies. The stones are thought to draw out negative energy and transfer positive energy through and from the therapist to the client.

A quick consultation process will be carried out to assess the suitability of this massage for you, as Hot Stones are not recommended for conditions like pregnancy, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart issues, skin conditions and those on blood thinning drugs. It may be that permission from your health care provider will be sought before carrying out the massage.

You will also be asked to complete an optional Chakra analysis which can help draw attention to unbalanced Chakras and this can be monitored on subsequent sessions.

Please advise beforehand if you have any injuries or muscle inflammation that would benefit from hot/cold therapy, and I will ensure to have some colder stones to hand.

Please see What to expect and Benefits of massage for more information.

Benefits of a Hot Stones massage may include -


  • The heat from the stones penetrates further so can help promote a deeper relaxation of the muscles, softening adhesions and nodules.

  • Regular sessions may help to increase the range of motion of a joint or muscle.

  • Soothes aches, pains, and helps with reducing stress by encouraging the release of endorphin hormones.

  • Helps with sleep issues, heat can help create a calm and sedate state.

  • Increased circulation brings nutrients to the muscles and helps with the removal of waste products.

  • Promotion of lymph drainage, again assisting with the removal of waste products.

  • May have a balancing effect on the nervous system, helping to calm the parasympathetic part(responsible for the fight or flight mode, which stressed clients may find themselves stuck in!)


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns over the suitability of having a Hot Stones massage.