Events From 2016

Mosshead Primary School Ladies Night -  04/03/16

Had a great night giving 2 seated massages and 2 foot massages. I also secured a future full body massage appointment. A big thanks goes out to the PTA who organised such a brilliant event.

Croftamie, Drymen - 9/05/16

So hot today that the client and I decided to do the massage outside. Never expected to be able to do a table massage like this in Scotland so it was a real experience for me. Very enjoyable, so weather permitting up for doing some more!

Events From 2019

Westerton Gala Day - 7/09/19

Had an another great time at this fantastic event. Gave out some leaflets, did some seated massage and made a booking. Also got to wander about in the sunshine for a bit to soak in the atmosphere.


Westerton Tots Festive Event - 14/11/19

Helping this group with some much need fundraising today by being a stallholder. Met some lovely mums and gave some relaxing seated massage. Great event!


Bearsden Academy Christmas Fair - 21/11/19

What another fantastic event this year, gave out some leaflets and did some seated massage. Enjoyed the school band playing some festive tunes. Getting me in the mood!


Maxholm Nursery Festive Event - 30/11/19

A very cold start to this event as the heating wasn't on but hopefully I managed to warm up everyone who tried a seated massage! Gave out some leaflets too, so another good event.