Benefits of massage

Why choose Massage? Well massage can help to -


  • Boost the immune system, strengthen your resistance to disease and speed up recovery times.              This is achieved by an increase in blood circulation, helping to deliver nutrition and hormones to your tissues, and the movement of lymph fluids. 

  • Encourage the production of endorphins, the body's natural feel good chemicals, which can act as a painkiller as well as improve your mood.

  • Help to promote deeper and easier breathing by relaxing areas of tension and relieving congestion.

  • Improve the quality of your sleep, which in turn will help to restore and heal the body. 

  • Increase joint flexibility, helping with your range of movement and it may lead to an adjustment in your posture.

  • Promote a general feeling of well being and help to restore your body's natural balance. 

  • Stimulate the nervous system, boosting your energy levels.                    

It can also help to reduce or relieve -

  • Muscle tension, stiffness, spasms and cramps. 

  • Constipation, which can be helped with an abdominal massage.

  • Pain and swelling, in muscles and joints, leading to a reduction in chronic pain, post-operative pain and pain caused by a pinched nerve.

  • Fatigue, anxiety and stress, and help to promote relaxation.

  • Symptoms of PMS, for example depression and excess fluid retention.

  • Your heart rate and temporarily lower blood pressure.

  • The formation of excessive scar tissue and break down adhesions. 


Pretty impressive list, eh? And it probably could still be added to. I'm sure you will agree that having a massage is at the very least going to make you feel a little better, if not a lot!! You will not experience all these effects in one go, and some of these effects are only temporary, so please invest in your health and make time to have a regular massage.