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Hi, my name is Marion. After leaving school and college I started working full time for a bank, and furthered my career there for over nine years until my first daughter was born. I then became a stay-at-home mum, with my second daughter following a few years later. Once both girls started school I returned to work on a part time basis, and when they were older, I decided to challenge myself again. I wanted to do something that would still give me the flexibility of being a busy mum, but would also allow me to grow again as a person. I came up with massage! It has always been something I have been interested in, as a child I wanted to be a physiotherapist, but other opportunities came along and my career went in a different direction. When my interest was again peaked by my daughters always asking for a neck rub, I grabbed the opportunity to study massage with both hands.

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In September 2012 I attended the Western School of Massage, graduating with a Diploma in Swedish Massage. I was chosen as Best Student, for consistently high standards in homework, case studies and practical work. I then added to this by studying Seated Acupressure, which uses some different techniques but still achieves the result of a relaxing/ invigorating massage. This is a great therapy when you are tight for time or even in the office as no oil is used. I furthered my knowledge of Acupressure by completing a distance learning course in February 2014 with BSY Group.


In June 2014 I completed a Remedial and Sports Diploma course, again at the Western School, so I can now offer a range of therapeutic treatments. For further information on my continued learning, please see below.


I am a member of the Scottish Massage Therapists Organisation which has been set up to help to regulate and maintain a high standard of massage given by all its members. You can check out their web site at www.scotmass.co.uk


Continued Professional Development :

Professional therapists should carry out continued professional development to maintain and build upon their skills, keep up to date with current practices and expand their treatment range. This involves a variety of activities including work based learning for example - case studies and reflections; self-learning - researching and reading new material; professional -submit an article to a journal and educational - attend a course, workshop or meeting.

Here is a list of my CPD to date -


Sept12-May13 - Diploma in Swedish Massage from the Western School

April13 - Emergency First Aid Course from Focus Training (Valid until 6th April 2016)

May13-June13 - Diploma in Seated Acupressure Massage(On-site) from the DT Therapy School

Oct13-June14 - Diploma in Remedial And Sports Massage from the Western School

Nov13-March14- Diploma in Acupressure from BSY Group

April16 - Emergency First Aid Course from Focus Training (Valid until 17th April 2019)

April16 - Diploma in Pregnancy Massage/ Abdominal and Full Body from Gateway Workshops

June16 - Certificate in Hot Stones Therapy Massage from The Scottish Beauty School

August16 - Certificate in Ear Candling from The Scottish Beauty School

November17 - Diploma in Indian Head Massage from The Scottish Therapy Academy

September18 - Diploma in Thai Hand And Foot Massage from Therapy Training School

April19 - Emergency First Aid Course from Focus Training(Valid until 28th April 2022)

May19 - Diploma In Hands Free Massage from DT Therapy School

September21 - Diploma in Indian Face Massage from The School of Natural Health Sciences

April22 - Emergency First Aid Course from Western School of Massage

May22 - Certificate In Deep Tissue Massage from The Scottish Beauty School